A little bit about me,

I'm a creative documentary-style portrait photographer who thinks image-making is seriously fun. I have a delightful cat called Lexi, and a delightful toddler called Rae has me. I’m based in the Netherlands, raised in South Africa and I use they/them/she/her pronouns. 

Collection of fun facts:

- I've 10 + years of experience in digital marketing, communications, and content creation; 1 year (and counting) in secondary school teaching; and 34+ years in overthinking,

- I like complex people (real and fictitious),

- I’m easily excitable,  

- I love quirky pre-loved clothes (comfort level 10),

- My fav podcasts are literary- and fact-focused: recommendations welcomed!

Would you like to create memories together?

yes? yay! send me a message and i'll get in touch